About Us

Our firm was born on 1973. It was started by my late father, Piero Borghi, whose early departure made it so that we inherited it just four years later. Then 19 years old, I flollowed my father's example with help from my mother Maria and some years later from my wife. We kept designing, producing and packaging our products in Italy.

Our firm, MANIFATTURA CERAMICA SARONNESE, has been founded since the beginning on fundamental quality, starting from raw materials (pastes and enamels), which we get from italian producers famous in the whole world. For Limoges enamel we are supplied by equally excellent french producers.

The production method is another very important characteristic adding value to the finished item. All our products are handmade: we mold them in chalk forms, dry them, then fire them in a kiln a first time (biscottatura) glazing them by immersion, bake them again at high temperature (gran fuoco) and then in some cases fire them a third time in order to color under the glazing (terzo fuoco).

Last but not least, we do our best to give you all the information you need to guarantee our products honestly and responsibly.

We proudly supply renowned firms in the large scale retail and hospitality sectors.

We restate our firm's philosophy for the future, so that the true italian entrepreneurs may keep their reputation worldwide. We're proud of our past and we're always striving to improve.