Italian Quality

"Made in Italy" is synonimous with quality, especially for handmade items.

"Made in italy" has increased our Country's wealth, together with its prestige and renown worldwide.

Us artisans are among the main responsible for this astounding result, since it's creativity and design that make "made in Italy" unique.

Quality, Durability and Reliability

All pastes used for production of our items are of natural origin and are specially created for the specific use.

We carefully mix quartz, feldspar and kaolin to obtain the paste we use to mold our porcelain in chalk forms.

To obtain "barbottina", our name for the paste which forms the items, we only use DRINKABLE water. This could not be said, for example, for products made in developing country, where sometimes water polluted with heavy metals is used to produce the paste. Such pollutants could then stay in the paste and ultimately in the finished products.

For grazing, we use LIMOGES enamel, famous since the 18th century, whose brilliance and hardness are now a known fact. Moreover, contrary to some other enamels, it's made from natural sources only. We acquire all paints used during the third firing, as well as the colors to decorate under and over the enamel from well known corporation. All these compounds are safe for food preparation.

The phases of each firing cycle are BISCUITING at 800 degrees Celsius for 12 hours and HIGH HEAT FIRE at 1280 degrees Celsius for 22 hours.

Our kilns are computer-controlled to ensure consistency in the baking phase. This is of foremost importance to ensure the quality of the finished product.

Our quality assurance process counts four stages. The first inspection is done immediately after the moulding of the piece. After the first fire. we check the biscuit before grazing it. A third control is done after the high temperature firing, and then finally again during packaging.

Our shippings are safe, made on E-pal pallets strapped with pvc in personalized bundles made of white cardboard.

There are a few simple rules to follow to use safely our prodcts. The most important thing is to avoid sudden temperature changes: for example when removing the serving plate from the oven you should place it on a rag, and not directly on a marble or metal surface. Similarly when removing it from the freezer it's better to wait at least ten minutes before placing it in the oven.

For cleaning, no special measure is necessary. Leftovers are easily scrubbed and our porcelains can be cleaned in a dishwasher for long cycles at high temperature.

Our product's mechanic resitance to shock is very high, as attested by the consistent thickness of the porcelain.